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 Keeping kids

Naturally Curious

Seek OUT! 
a nature adventure game to help kids unplug and get outdoors

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This video has been created for the Seek OUT! Kickstarter campaign. Once the campaign is live May 4th you can back the project directly and receive your copies of the game once they are printed. If you want to learn more about how Kickstarter works click here


  • From 1 - 6 players

  • Ages 4-100

  • As quick as 15 minutes

  • Stretch it out for hours

  • In the yard, on the trail, on the go


Scientists and parents agree that playing outdoors makes healthier, stronger, smarter kids.


We provide basic rules, but the excitement is all the different ways you can play. Along with the fun, this game enables curiosity and learning. 

sponge card.tif
bird card.tif
flower bud card.tif

Each card has a thing or place to Seek OUT! with hand-drawn illustrations. At the bottom of the cards you'll find fun facts or questions to help the exploration of nature last longer.

Pre-order your deck Seek OUT! game now because your next adventure awaits.


Seek OUT!

A Nature Scavenger Hunt Game

These cards will inspire your kids and family to unplug and run outdoors

- no bribes needed!

Seek OUT! is a fun nature game played outdoors that provides players of all ages (pre-readers to adults) with an incredible range of adventurous and educational play. We provide the deck and basic rules but, it is the players that will take the games to new levels of exploration in nature. This outdoor scavenger hunt can be played in just about any outdoor space. Take it on hikes, vacations, walks around the neighborhood, or right outside your backdoor for hours of device-free fun.

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Are you an Educator? 

You can find our FREE Seek OUT! Teacher's Guide Here

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