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VMProtect Ultimate 3.0.9 Build 695 RePack [Full]




vmx file is created by VMware for each virtual machine and it includes instructions on how the virtual machine is to be protected. However, VMWare did not specify any mechanism to convert the.vmx file into a secure execution. The .vmx file requires the VMware player application to be installed on the Windows OS prior to converting it. This approach is cumbersome and inefficient. I have developed a mechanism to convert the.vmx file to a secure execution in the form of the.vmx script. The .vmx script includes the necessary instructions on how to protect the virtual machine against analysis and hacking. The conversion of the .vmx file is an optimization to the existing process. Instead of converting the .vmx file into a secure execution, the .vmx file is converted into a .vmx script using an in-built Perl script. The .vmx script is then converted into the secure execution format using Perl script. The Perl script uses .asm instructions to convert the .vmx script into a secure execution. The .asm file is the assembler file used by the .asm compiler. It is a binary file containing instructions that can be executed in a computer. The .asm file is compiled into a secure execution file using the .asm compiler. The .asm compiler is a command-line tool from Microsoft. Thus, the .asm file is converted into a secure execution in a step-by-step process. The code is shown in [Figure 1](#f1){ref-type="fig"}. ![Conversion of the .vmx file to a secure execution](ijtmb-7-e2013-g001){#f1} The .asm file was converted into a secure execution using the .asm compiler. A parameter, *--asminclude,* was provided while compiling the .asm file. The .asm file, therefore, is converted to secure execution based on the information specified using the *--asminclude* parameter. The .vmx script was compiled using the .asm file with the *--asminclude* parameter. The .asm file was generated using the .asm compiler and was later converted into a secure execution by the .asm compiler. The .asm compiler was installed as a command-line utility from Microsoft. The .asm compiler generates .asm




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VMProtect Ultimate 3.0.9 Build 695 RePack [Full]

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