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Finches' Official Covid-19 Statement and Some Other Things Actually Worth Reading

Finches' official statement on Covid-19:

“At Finches, even though we can’t have in person classes or family journal club for now, we have been doubling down on our efforts to create some fun nature activities for families.”

What this really translates as “I am going crazy because I miss my friends, am doing too many things to homeschool my kid, making videos, designing game cards, cooking meals, and trying to self-care.”

In the last couple of weeks one project has led to the next and now I have two announcements at once. I have found that kind of chaos, juggling so many "priorities", is not sustainable for me. Something has to change. I am taking my own advice and going to hang out in nature. My videos are filmed outdoors purposefully. My daughter's homeschool takes place outdoors most days. When I don't think I can handle being isolated anymore I grab a notebook and head outdoors. Afterwards I feel the freshness and greenness of the earth running through me. I feel revived. My advice to you? After reading the rest of this article and watching the video go outside, wherever you are. If you really can't get out the door the schedule in a 15 minute nature break for later. Just do it! You will thank me for it afterwards.

Now onto my two announcements:

First- I just posted my 2nd How To video. How To Start a Nature Journal Page Outdoors.

This one is juicy! Finches headed out to Briones Park in Lafayette, CA, and filmed a little tutorial on starting a blank journal page outdoors. It is a snapshot of how I sit on the side of a hill and start working a page as opposed to a step by step walk through. Let me know in the comments what you think. Do you want more videos like this or would you like more step by step?

Share this with your friends because I would love to speak to more families. Finches' mission is to empower kids and families through both art and science to explore the outdoors, connect with nature, and connect to each other in order to grow perception and curiosity. I created Finches to get as many families outdoors as I can. You can help me reach more people stuck inside by sharing this blog article or the video.

Second- After watching the new video take a couple of minutes to browse the revamped Finches website.

I am excited about the updated look and better navigation. The site will be evolving as I get closer to launching the Nature Adventure Deck. I will do my best to add to the collection of nature resources and ideas over the next month, but most of my work time will be focused on finishing the N.A.D. and its pre-sales marketing.

During this time of the pandemic and shelter-in-place we need nature even more now than ever before. Don't forget: go get some nature and pass my nature journal video to some friends. Everyone can use a push out the door somedays, and I want to help as many families as I can revive with nature.