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Finches First Game Live on Kickstarter

Updated: May 18, 2021

I am shocked at how far this game has come.

It started from too much time on the couch while I was recovering from a ski accident.

Healing is growing. So while I was growing a new ACL I was also growing a plan on how to connect kids with nature.

First came notes scratched in my journal. Then came a diagram on construction paper made with Crayola markers. Through writing and conversation with friends and family, it grew into my North Star (aka mission statement).

What came next was the hardest.

Tinker, test, trial, and errors - so many errors. Don’t get me wrong tinkering is fun. But failure is not. Failure is really useful, though. Failure is teaching. Failure is learning. Failure must be accepted. It has taken me years to internalize this. I am not sure I am 100% there, but I am so much closer than I was in my 20’s.

Here are a few shots where I experimented, flopped, and learned.

So grateful for a nature loving community

And now I am looking at a project that is just shy of 90% funded with 20 days still left on Kickstarter the crowdfunding site. Not only do I feel the joy of everyone’s support both financially, but also I feel the surge of morale. People are showing up to cast their votes for NATURE! We need nature, and nature needs us. And don’t get me started on how much our kids need outdoor time and space. Science is showing how and where green time is helping kids so more families can make educated decisions on how they spend their hours. Go Team Nature!

What Seek OUT! has become

Seek OUT! is an exciting nature-interactive game played outdoors that provides players of all ages (pre-readers to adults) with an incredible range of adventurous and educational play! The game provides the deck and basic rules to guide you through super fun games and using our specially-designed game mechanics, it’s ultimately up to the players themselves to take each play to unique explorations in nature time after time!

This outdoor scavenger hunt uses a deck of cards that can be played in just about any outdoor space or biome. Take Seek OUT! on hikes, vacations, walks around the neighborhood, and even right outside your backdoor for hours of device-free fun

You can support Seek OUT! by pledging to the Kickstarter campaign from May 4-June 3 2021. You pledge helps me with the capital investment to print the games. You get to pick your reward tier and receive a copy(s) of the game at your doorstep once they are printed. Estimated shipping time is October 2021.

Excerpt from Instructions

Quick Starter:

Go outdoors.

Use the cards as prompts for a scavenger hunt.

Have fun!

# players: 1-6 (more if you break into teams)

Ages: 5 up to 99

Contents: 30 Cards, 1 carry pouch, instructions

Time to Play: 15-30 min for basic game (add as much investigation and discussion as you like to extend playtime)

We have included some basic rules in the package, but feel free to adapt and change them depending on the age and amount of players. You can also adapt play to different natural areas you visit. We have also developed an included list of Variations to kickstart unique ways to play. This basic deck can be played in most urban or wild parks, playgrounds, backyards, and many neighborhoods. You never know what you will discover in that weedy vacant lot in your neighborhood.

Who would have known that a woman stuck on the couch, stuck in life, could have done all this? And I am just getting started!

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