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Coming Soon- Finches' First Nature Game

Coming Soon Seek OUT! Kickstarter Campaign

Finches is all aflutter with excitement. You may have seen social posts containing some sneak peeks. That’s right, Finches is coming out with its first family game, and it will be launching on Kickstarter this spring.

You don’t have to ask….Yes, you play it outdoors!

What is a nature scavenger hunt game?

Seek OUT! is an adventure game that gets busy kids and families exploring the natural world. It is a deck of beautifully illustrated cards with clever directions you take outside. Each card gives you (with pictures and words) something in nature to “seek out” and share. The game is very flexible in the number of players, age of players, and rules to play by. You can play a short 15-minute game in the backyard or stretch out a game over a 2-hour hike in the wilderness. Play in a variety of ways over weeks and months. Each game is a unique experience or nature discovery.

Busy parents need support

We all feel deep down how beneficial nature is to us and our kids, but life gets in the way. As both “owner” and “chief bottle washer” of Finches I really know that path. I have been working to make Seek OUT! a real game for over a year. Not only have I been dealing with Zoom/Home school, but I also became the sole caregiver for my mom when she was dying of cancer. It was really easy to rely on a digital device to act as a babysitter. Some days it was hard to find the energy to get myself and my daughter to play in the sun even though I knew it felt good. We just needed instructions or a game to get us that first step out the door.

Seek OUT! was already in the early stages last spring, but all of these other things that kept me so “busy” demonstrated why it was so important to finish the game and give it to the world. Since I can’t personally come to lead your kids outdoors to explore I made these cards in my stead.

What is Kickstarter?

Some of you may already know and love Kickstarter, but if you don’t here is the short version. Kickstarter is an online platform for designers and creators, like me, that have fantastic product ideas but don’t have the capital to bring them to life. A creator can raise a small amount of money from a large number of people in order to put their idea into production. The backers are rewarded with special access to the finished product. It is low risk to the backers because it is an “all-or-nothing” funding model. If Seek OUT! does not raise the entire amount needed then no backer has to pay.

Join Finches on the journey to take Seek OUT! from sample cards on my desk to a true game product for families everywhere. Follow our progress and you will get the chance to give feedback and opinions on how the game is refined over the next months.

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