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5 ways to get your family unplugged and outdoors

Making time to go outdoors with kids is healthy for everyone!

  1. Walk after dinner. Nothing beats a good stroll around the block to digest after a meal.

  2. On the way home from school or after school programs. Have some fruit and water in the car and go straight to a park if you pick the kids up or meet them after school. Changing up the afternoon routine can help make new healthy and fun habits.

  3. Arrange playdates to meet at a park if you have younger ones.

  4. Set a goal with your kids and don't forget to talk about why going outside is good for the entire family's health.

  5. Let the kids loose outside while you get some "me time". Bring that book you have been trying to finish. Use the time to do some meditation or stretching. Still in work mode? Fine, bring a little paperwork to a picnic table if that's what it takes to help your kids out the door.

The most important thing to remember about getting your family unplugged and outdoors is that they see you there too.

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