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Finches: Sneak Peak

Are you excited to learn more about Finches? We are excited to reveal a little sneak peak to you, our first adventurers!

Is this intriguing to you and your family? Then share the Finches invite with other families that want to explore the wild lands and learn like naturalists.

Back from the desert wilds and we are cranking through the ginormous to-list of launching Finches Adventure Box. We are so stoked by this business journey that we were actually looking forward to getting back behind the laptop/drawing board.

Here is an early iteration of the logo. Not quite done yet but getting close. Time to work on drawing goldfinches this week.

Below is the brand color pallet.

Next: Typing up adventure instructions.....

Pass the Finches invite to everyone you know in the East Bay that would be thrilled to join our journey. The more families exploring the outdoors with us the more our children will fight to protect their outdoor places.

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