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Documentary Hunt- "Best Day Ever"

So I am was gathering some things to blog about for Finches and I came across this trailer for the short documentary film The Best Day Ever. Wow just these couple of minutes made me tear up with joy. I have not see the film yet but I am on the hunt for it and will let you know when I find it. I have been researching Forest Schools- a movement established in the UK to get preschoolers outside and playing. There are now many interpretations of Forest School that have been sprouting up around the US. Some stick to the traditional form from Europe while others are less "conventional". This has provoked so much thought and discussion about what I am aiming to focus on in Finches. I am so excited to be working within a movement of some sort. This path for me is growing daily and I am surprised to see where it takes me. I will tell you this, at Finches and Naturalist Studio we want everyone outside learning and playing.

Our mission is to harness Art x Science to connect us with Nature.

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