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Our Mission

Art x Science connects us to Nature

Finches empowers kids and families through both art and science to explore the outdoors, connect with nature, and connect to each other in order to grow perception and curiosity.

Core Values


Curiosity drives us to adventure, explore and discover knowledge.

Art x Science

Art and science are the lenses we use to see our world.


Connecting keeps us real, relevant, and riveted.


Perception is our power to unveil the secrets of the natural world.


We belong outdoors. Nature needs us as much as we need it.


If we are not growing we are withering.


"Taska brings curiosity, creativity, and a generous spirit to everything she does. She also has an unusual ability to prepare thoroughly but also go with the flow when the kids get inspired. Our kid was fortunate to be in an early cohort of her camp. He came home with a journal full of hands-on art and science projects, but also stories of playing impromptu owl and squirrel hide-and-seek. Every day, he was delighted to see his camp friends again, and didn't want to stop playing. We're looking forward to sending him off for more adventures with Taska!"

- Naomi / Architect / Curiosity

"Taska is a gifted and enthusiastic instructor. I had the pleasure of learning the art of marbling paper with her and not only was she well versed in the different techniques and materials but she is extremely talented and incredibly patient. I highly recommend her courses and instruction."

- Jenn / Caregiver / Nature

Hiking in Sunset

Our Story 

Many of the world's greatest naturalists were both scientists and artists. It is with both the lens of Science and Art that we can truly investigate Nature. At Finches we get our hands dirty and connect with our natural surroundings. We educate through methodical scientific investigation and the slow process of hand drawing and handwriting our recordings and responses to the findings. Our Finches adventurers leave with a healthy dose of education, expression, and play they can't wait to share with others. Being in nature is the only way our future selves can figure out how to save it.

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